Supernova is a really interesting take on video slots that brings something rare to the world of online slots- originality! That’s because this 5-reel slot is really a 3-reel slot in disguise. The three reels on the left are your actual reels, while the other two reels are for multipliers. They multiply your wins when you have them and really add to the excitement of the game.

Supernova Slot Game

Otherwise, this 27-payline slot is very familiar to regular slots players. For instance, there’s a wild symbol, which really comes in handy when looking for a winning combination. There’s also a nice betting range that goes from 25 cents all the way up to $50 to satisfy a wide variety of players.

Best of all, the outer space theme is very well done and actually fits nicely with the original approach at work here. The slot and theme itself, with a minimalist, non-annoying soundtrack and effects, are very futuristic and will really please players looking for something new and different for once.

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