If you have never played European Roulette, you should give it a try. Instead of standard roulette, this version actually gives players a better edge and still has the same great format that makes both versions of the game classic.

For one, there are only 37 cells in the European Roulette layout, instead of 38. This gives you better odds than in the standard version. As you play, you will also enjoy the ability to easily select your virtual chips with your mouse and then click on the areas you want to wager, including all 36 numbers (plus 0) and categories such as black, red, even, odd, and so forth.

The action is narrated by a helpful voice, but you can turn sound off if you like. You can also get help with the click of a button to learn more about the game, or repeat your previous round’s bets with the “Repeat” button. The “Clear” button can clear your bets quickly, as well. This virtual version of European Roulette is excellent and makes you feel all of the excitement of a real casino!.

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