Karate Pig

Karate Pig is an imaginative and fun video slot game that uses colorful, beautifully-animated graphics to draw you into the absurd world of a karate master who just happens to be a pig. His friends, which include a Siamese cat and warthog, will come along for the ride as you take in the fun theme and kung fu-styled music, as well as different entertaining sound effects that go perfectly with the animations when you win.

Karate Pig is a 5-reel slot that features 40 paylines, which you can wager up to five coins each upon. This means that you can bet up to $20 per spin, even with coin values capped at ten cents. Of course, you can go as low as one cent with coin values in order to play all 40 lines for just 40 cents, if you prefer.

The game has a jackpot of 2,000 coins, and to help you go for that prize, you’ll have a wild symbol and scatter symbol to assist you. Furthermore, the game has a simply hilarious bonus feature that allows Karate Pig to face different deadly kung fu opponents one by one as you “rank up” by earning different colored belts. Once you get your black belt, you can take on the grand master!

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