While Boomanji might sound like a mystical board game or the name of an old wizard, it is actually something much different- a video slot celebrating the childlike wonder of fireworks. Everybody has loved fireworks as a kid, whether watching them in the air or setting them off themselves (hopefully with parental supervision).

Boomanji Slot Game

Well, Boomanji takes that fun and brings it to a 5-reel, 10-payline slot, thanks to BetSoft Gaming’s software. The slot has a nice, clean interface with plenty of helpful options and colorful symbols of different types of fireworks. Of course, a game like this would be a disappointment if there were no exploding animations, and you’ll see huge booms, bombs, and multiple-colored explosions as you play and win.

In Boomanji, the coin ranges vary nicely, from two cents all the way to 50 cents. Your maximum bet is $50, while you can play all of the lines for a mere 20 cents, if you like. The game does not feature a scatter symbol or bonus game, but has a wild symbol that can help you win the 25,000 coin jackpot. It’s a perfect slot for someone who wants “explosive” fun within a nice, basic video slot experience.

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