European Blackjack is very similar to regular blackjack in a number of ways, such as the goal of reaching 21, or as close to it as possible, without going over. There’s also the option to split, get insurance, double down, and so on. However, in this case, the deck is shuffled after each round, you can only split once (but can double after splitting), and so forth. Also, the dealer only gets a face-up card, and no hole card is given to the dealer, changing strategy a little.

Best of all, this strategic card game which has been the choice of many real-life and online gamblers for decades, has plenty of options, such as the choice of betting between one dollar and $100 per hand. You can easily double down, split, change your bet, or deal with the help of large, easy to read buttons at the bottom of the screen. As you play, you will hear what happens thanks to a voice that narrates play, which is also helpful. All in all, this is a great rendition of a classic casino game.

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